I want people to smile — did you notice? Funerals always end up with someone smiling: it’s natural, it’s Life taking over Death. — Enzo Baldoni

Page 51

Page 51

We won’t be visiting the Undernet very much, but every once in a while we’re going to have to check in with Zoey the Editor.

If you’ve read Indefensible Positions, you know that I like to mix up my art style.  I think this draftsman-style inking looks pretty neat.  It’s also very fast; I might be able to do two pages a week with a style like this.  Learning that, alone, made the experiment worth it.

↓ Transcript
Roger: I am not a hacker. I hate the VR Undernet. I hate my old avatar. And I hate asking for help from...
Roger: Zoey! Zooooooeeeeey!
Editor: On the run again, Roger? Let me guess...you found the Genocide Man, and he wants to kill you.
Roger: No, everyone else wants to kill me.
Editor: Oh, nothing unusual, then. You're a cockroach, Roger, and I mean that with immense admiration. You can survive anything, even if you have to sell out a nun to do it.
Roger: She was a bad nun! She paddled me!
Editor: You can take it, Roger. That's why I send you out on these assignments. Plus, I'm your amazing editor. Whatever you can't handle, I can. Now tell mama what's wrong.
Roger: The Genocide Man is suicidal, and the entire project wants to kill everyone near him. Which, I must note, includes me.
Editor: Send me a download. I want to see everything.

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Discussion (8)¬

  1. Ro'vage St Laurent says:

    You guys thought J.Jonah.Jameson was bad?, avatar or not, that is not the sort of thing one wants to see early Monday morning…….

  2. Kasekine says:

    She’s a real “hands-on” kind of editor, isn’t she?

  3. --jt-- says:

    At least she isn’t wielding a pair of scissors to do some editing… Yet?

    Nice change-up in style RS 🙂

    On another topic, I might be able to help you with your animation skills. I sent an email but I think it got killfiled :/

  4. Thomas says:

    How long did you take to figure out the best posture for the hand to mimic the facial expression? I love that detail.

  5. Chuk says:

    Nice avatar.

  6. Remus Shepherd says:

    I’m Italian; connecting hand gestures to facial expressions is easy for me. 😉

  7. Lord Tirion says:

    Funny coincidence, there is a narco nicknamed la mano con ojos “the hand with eyes”, that was captured today in the morning.

  8. He literally goes to “talk to the hand”.