I am interested in evil and madness. There is only one kind of sanity and decency, so all sane decent people are very much alike, but there are necessarily an unlimited variety of kinds of madness and evil. — James A. Donald

Page 84

Page 84

Before you ask, the banner on the floor reads ‘Happy’ — fold — ‘Tatsu!’ Do you want everything translated? All the non-english texts are for flavor, I promise I’m not hiding secrets in them. 🙂

↓ Transcript
Jacob: Here's something. The rest of the facility is empty, but this room's been ransacked.
Roger: I think there's another genereader here.
AI: Well, well. Jacob Doe. You're later than predicted. Now we haven't much time...

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Discussion (7)¬

  1. DaveP. says:

    “…and when YOU think of heads- think of the Big Giant Head!”

  2. Chuk says:

    Yes, I still want translation.
    The holo/projection looks great, I could totally see that in a movie.

  3. Sonja says:

    Yes, please go on translating!

  4. Skur says:

    The hologram looks comicy. Is that on purpose and part of the Dr.’s quirkiness or does it just happen because it’s a comic and the characters look less serious when you reduce them to lines?

  5. Remus Shepherd says:

    Well, the hologram is meant to look abstract. His body is just a collection of floating polygons, after all.

    This is the design I had in mind…but I probably should have thought up something more detailed and realistic. Maybe. Maybe it’s okay that he looks like a toon — you’ll learn why on the next page. 🙂

  6. --jt-- says:

    I had thought it was made deliberately crude.

    My guess it was constructed by something decidedly non-human. Like maybe that rat that was observing the proceedings? 🙂

  7. Remus Shepherd says:

    Don’t read too much into the rat. Most background elements are just background elements. 🙂