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Chapter 9, Page 8

Chapter 9, Page 8

Ah, there’s Caera.  Michael did a great job on her, too.  🙂

I wasn’t sure about the mist-screen effect on the first panel — I didn’t want to obscure too much of Michael’s great line work.  I also had to step down the text size a notch so the bubbles didn’t cover everything.  I’m still fighting my old habit of super-wordy pages….

↓ Transcript
Dahnai: It's a matter of force multiplication. One man with a gun is worth ten unarmed men. Your genetics, Msaka, make you more dangerous than ten men with guns. But a Genocide Man...
Msaka: One Genocide Man killed a thousand of my siblings.
Dahna: They were designed to fight armies. She dodges bullets and kills with a touch. She'll kill you all.
Msaka: No. This woman is an assassin. She'll carve a path to me.
Sakut: If you fall, Senator, so will Dakar.

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Discussion (7)¬

  1. Dave says:

    Damn that first panel is gorgeous. Caera got some serious upgrades from the bumbler who went down in one shot a few chapters ago.

  2. Darls Chickens says:

    I don’t see an easy-diseasey kit. They didn’t assign her one?
    Then bomb her. Can she dodge that?

  3. Matt40000 says:

    Hmm, now I’m wondering if she got the standard package or the Joey upgrade. I’d guess the upgrade was unique to him, but you never know. I also ponder the need for a sword that kills normals with a scratch if she’s going to work like that 😛

  4. Magtei says:

    Regarding bombing: explosives (worthy of genocide men) are usually dropped from aircraft or fired from cannons, with limited precision and substantial delay. Given genocide men’s incredible speed, Caera might be able to get out of range οr seek cover from conventional explosives with a half-minute’s warning. I don’t know how nuclear weapons are used now, but Senegal is an unlikely power and would never set one off in its own capital. As it is, regardless of what explosives they may have, she is definitely moving too fast for them to ready and aim the things.

  5. John says:

    It’s a comic. A bomb would work easy (look at all the ied’s in Iraq) But that would not suit the story. Stop putting reality in my peanut butter…

  6. Gillsing says:

    A bomb might indeed work, so perhaps that’s something they’ll try. The tricky part is getting her to the bomb, or getting the bomb to her, and then make sure that it blows up while she’s still within the blast radius. If only they had soldiers who self-detonate when decapitated…

  7. Joe says:

    LOL@Gillsing’s Halo reference. And yeah, talking about explosives, I’m thinking the author will have a creative use for the paint, if it’s hydrocarbon-based. Like: The thermite is impossible to put out but the paint makes for a nice big wall of fire. I haven’t read that far, yet.

    Well to borrow from the habits of SciFi fans to compare real world technological progress to Star Trek’s federation: Drones that only know how to find and kill a specific individual, at break neck speeds, are entirely doable. It takes some pretty impressive software and hardware to make it effective, though. Think of a camera that has sensors without the normal bandwidth limitations (namely, having to send entire frames through a pixel-wide buss) of digital cameras. You could have the equivalent of billions of pixels of resolution by quickly scanning a field of view with an array of 100MP+ camera sensors and fast-scanning mirrors. This is using technology available in the real world, right now.

    Essentially, UAV’s are a portable computer with machine vision controlling slaved missiles. In the comic, such technologies are only owned by government-level hackers and GUS and the like?