I have not failed; I’ve merely found ten thousand things that don’t work. — Thomas Edison

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Well, they say that you should never start anything unless you’re prepared to fail at it miserably.  With that in mind, I’m starting up this story.  It’ll be low-key for a while:  I want to build an archive before I start with advertising and getting the word out.  I won’t promise a laugh on every page — we are dealing with the potential for some hard core darkness, as you can see.  But I hope you’ll like it.  Better get ready for the Genocide Man, because here he comes.

↓ Transcript
Narrator: September 28, 2109. I didn't know it then, but that was the day the Genocide Man came to town.
Security man: Welcome to North Harbor, Mr. Doe. I see you've declared a sidearm... Anything else to declare? What's in the luggage?
Jacob Doe: What, this? This contains just enough modified pneumonia, calcivirus and ebola to destroy the human race.
Security: Is -- is that all?
Jacob: Yeah. I like to travel light.

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  1. Alyred says:

    Interesting… tell me more.. 🙂