I phone the SPCA daily to report the minions of a squirrel army amassing to plot the downfall of all humanity. All I ever get is a wise-acre response ‘Call us when the mechanized division shows up!’ — VinegarJones, Fark.com

Chapter 19 cover

Chapter 19 cover

Welcome to chapter 19, and another great cover image by Kasey Quevedo! Β In case you were wondering what the stakes were, everyone seems to be headed toward the Genocide Project headquarters, and Lola is not in the mood to play…

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Discussion (9)¬

  1. SteelRaven says:

    Let the bodies hit the floor…

  2. Unmaker says:

    Plot point: Jacob has seen a video of Lola executing Peter, so he knows about that “faster than an Genocide Man” gun she had developed. She may not know that he knows.

  3. chukg says:

    That is a good cover.

  4. Drace says:

    Question is, has lola become suicidal as well. I think not, and that she likely has had a plan for dealing with jacob for a long time. She seems like a methodical planner, where jacob seems to rely on brute force skills backed by a near century of training by application of said force.

  5. Ro'Wan says:

    To be Fair, Kevin wasn’t one of the”original” Genocide Men, he wasn’t as versed in the use of their abilities as Jacob would be.
    Old saying, “experience is a bitch, but she’s a damned good teacher”

  6. CapnCoconuts says:

    @Unmaker: I believe you mean Kevin, not Peter. Peter committed suicide before the events of this webcomic.

    @Ro’Wan: Kevin was one of the founding members; however, he hated working on the field, and he’s no expert soldier/mercenary like Jacob or Joey.

  7. TPRJones says:

    Hmmm. You don’t have a store, there’s no link to Patreon, not even a Paypal tip jar. If I wanted to give you some money as a thank you for the entertainment, what options do I have that I’m missing?

    I guess I could set up two Project Wonderful accounts and start a bidding war with myself to drive up your ad space to a daily cost that would let me give you some cash. But that doesn’t seem very efficient.

  8. Pat Scaramuzza says:

    TPRJones, you can buy the comics on Comixology, but I make a pittance on those. Haven’t posted the later chapters because sales have been so disappointing.

    The best thing you can do is tell others, to increase my readership. And if and when I eventually do something that I’m charging money for, buy *that*. (Likely that’ll be a self-published novel, possibly next year.) Until then, I’m just giving these stories to you. πŸ™‚ I hate the thought of taking money from people who may be worse off than I for doing creative things that I’m driven to do anyway.

    Right now I’m in a fine financial situation. If that changes in the future then maybe I’ll put up a tip jar.

  9. Joseph Whitehead says:

    What Pat’s really saying is get some libraries to hold some copies of random issues. Then the readers have to go get the volume books to see the entire comic in print. Worked for a ton of series writers! πŸ˜› Sadly, the libraries around here seem to be useless in that regard. No donations will ever hit the shelves. Could try just simply mentioning the comic every so often to people online, like I do.