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Chapter 19, Page 1

Chapter 19, Page 1

Welcome to Chapter 19, everybody!  You might call this an aftermath, because of the world-changing events of last chapter…but for our characters, the war is still going strong.  And these two civilians are not ready for war, it seems…

↓ Transcript
Roger voice over: Just before Kentaro died, several things happened. The rogue drone fleet kamikazied itself. The networks lit up in panic. And my head got electronically bashed in.
Kentaro: Roger?
Roger: Huh?
Kentaro: This is Kentaro. Where's Zoey?
Roger: She...she's dead.
Kentaro: I was worried about that. That means I need to bequeath some tools to you...and it's going to hurt.
Roger: ng-ahh!
Girii: Roger, what -- ng-ahh!

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Discussion (5)¬

  1. Jordan says:

    To be Roger is to be the plaything/tool of more powerful beings (i.e. almost everything).

  2. Drace says:

    Heck, a hamster could turn roger into it’s plaything.

  3. elihias says:

    Hopefully Remus,you wont mind me reminding people of Kasey’s own comic, Velocidad, which he updates as well as working here. It’s a good read.

    If you do, please just delete the post, and sorry.

    Eli… tries not to tread on toes.

  4. Pat Scaramuzza says:

    Absolutely not, Elihias! Kasey’s comic deserves attention too, and I’m glad he’s updating it again. There’s a link to Kasey’s homepage on the left, just above the calendar; if you follow that you’ll find a link to Velocidad. I should probably add it to the recommended sites, which I haven’t touched in a long time.

  5. Weatherheight says:

    Forced Downloading directly into the brain reduces eye strain…