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Chapter 19, Page 2

Chapter 19, Page 2

Showing the passage of time is tricky with comic panels.  There’s a brief time gap between last page and this one, which the first two panels should have relayed.  Not a long gap, just enough time for Jacob to finish up with Kentaro and run back.  Might as well fast-forward a little, so we can get our favorite trio back together again.

↓ Transcript
Jacob: Well, I don't see any blood on you two. What's the problem?
Roger: My head hurts.
Girii: His head hurts.
Jacob: ...Uh-huh.

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Discussion (4)¬

  1. Joseph Whitehead says:

    Haha, too much information. Reminds me of that movie Johny Mnemonic, where they have people suffering from just too damn much unfiltered information. Oh, and 200MB storage needs your entire brain, and they use pictures as decryption keys.

  2. Ro'Wan says:

    Why do I have the distinct feeling Kentaro dumped his core files into Roger?

  3. Darls Chickens says:

    Maybe Roger was connected to his moment of splat as well. Owie.

  4. Weatherheight says:

    I think you and Casey did a fine job of implying the passage of time using those first two panels. I’ve seen it done far far less elegantly.