The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order. — Alfred North Whitehead

Chapter 19, Page 8

Chapter 19, Page 8

Since we’re rolling toward the end of the comic, we can’t go out without a mission statement — and who better than Jacob to give it.

It should be noted that this was written in January.  After Trump’s ‘wall’ speech, but long, long before Brexit.  It’s just coincidence that our heroes are flying over London as they make these observations.  Coincidence.  (Unless you subscribe to the theory that what I write in the comic comes true in some fashion.  But I haven’t had any relatives die recently so hopefully that theory has been nixed.  🙂 )

↓ Transcript
Girii: Why do you need so many ways to kill people?
Jacob: You might not know this...since you grew up with Santa and his elves...but killing people is what people do. Look below. Gated communities. High society and slums. Fences and borders. Human beings are tribal...and tribes are always tempted to eliminate their rivals. Whenever human beings wall themselves off from one another, that's the start of genocide. If we don't finish it with violence, we'll kill them with simple economic neglect. The last century gave genocide a bad name. We forgot that extreme measures can and should be taken only to save lives. But genocide is a tool that isn't going away. As long as there are human beings, we'll always have genocide.

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Discussion (11)¬

  1. Sonja says:

    I really like the last panel.

  2. Kree says:

    When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. The trained killer who’s had a job killing countless people, thinks killing tons of people is a good idea.

    Next time you feel like killing, just have a stick of gum.

  3. Oh, well, just open any history book at random and it’s a genocide every pages…

  4. Just read: “LE CAMP DES SAINTS” and you see a HUGE genocide going on in right now Eurabia…Brexit is too late…they already had a Dutchxit, franxit, Oirixit and it made no difference whatsoever…After the muslim mayors, you’ll have muslim presidents and bloody sharia, crucifixions, mountains of skulls à la Tamerlane…What happened to the Copts(egyptians that built the pyramids)? The Zoroastrian Persians, the Assyrians, the Greeks and Armenians of Anatolia, to Serbs of Kosovo, to half the population of India and Indonesia? The present day extermination of all the population of Papua by muslims…Germans better get ready…to die! They have imported millions of “GENOCIDE MEN”…

    Human population really, but really NEED to be culled…see:

  5. Pat Scaramuzza says:

    I think the important point, Ming, is the part where Jacob says, ‘…only to save lives’.

  6. SteelRaven says:

    …Ming, eat a Snickers.

  7. Ming, that’s… wow. 🙁

  8. Pat Scaramuzza says:

    Ming, I’m going to have to ask you to tone it down a bit. This comic is discussing human nature; it’s not about blaming any one race, creed, or culture. To some small extent we’re all genocidal animals, deep down.

  9. Quintus Aurelius says:

    I feel I should make a statement in light of Mings…. excessiveness. All religions go through a similar aging structure, Islam is nearing a point of reformation wherein its followers decide they cannot stand any more extremely conservative rules. During this time there will almost certainly be a major schism within the religion resulting in a conservative fundamentalist sect, and a more liberal sect, the liberal sect is usually much more peaceful and inclusive than the conservative sect, but not always. At the same time there will be a significant pushback from those who do not wish to see any change enacted, and this pushback is almost always violent. Look at every major religion on the planet that has had a reformation or major religious schism and you will see nearly the same thing. Interestingly enough, this is also the same type of thing that happens when a society moves to become more open and inclusive, there are always people who do not want the status quo to change, and they decide that killing others is the best way to halt the change. The united states has had in recent years many mass killings related to just that, we are becoming much more open to religious minorities and alternate lifestyles/points of view, and people are reacting violently. It is a sad but true state of affairs, that tree of peace is nurtured on the blood of the innocent. As much as i would like to see everyone sit down and talk out their differences, that will not happen. I fear we, as a species are too close to our animal nature and see change as something to be feared or destroyed, hundreds or even thousands more will die before anyone stops killing long enough to ask why are we doing this.

    And when this is applied to the current webcomic, ‘why are we doing this’ is what is about to be addressed as Jacob goes to meet the head of the genocide program.

  10. Quintus Aurelius says:

    oops, sorry about the wall of text, I tend to forget formatting in the heat of the moment.