Is it true that if you get far enough away from Earth, you can see a stamp on Antarctica that says ‘Doesn’t Play Well With Others’ — Jazz Masterson, alt.devilbunnies

Chapter 19, Page 9

Chapter 19, Page 9

Ah, the Genocide Project headquarters.  When I first drew it I probably should have made it less complicated, but all our artists have done a wonderful job with it.  I especially like this view of it, although it has seen better days…

↓ Transcript
Jacob: All the project did was turn genocide from a dirty little secret into official policy.
Girii: And they let you get creative with it.
Jacob: That was Lola. I think she got bored. Probably having an exciting time today, though.

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  1. Unmaker says:

    Don’t think of them as explosions, think of them as all of your chickens coming home to roost.