The suggestion to “Follow Your Bliss” only works in an economy that’s not run by sociopaths. — Number6.2,

Chapter 20, Pager 23

Chapter 20, Pager 23

Originally I had one or two fewer pages in the script, but I wanted to pace this properly.  Jacob deserves a little extra time.  Even if he does throw away perfectly good sunglasses.

↓ Transcript
Jacob: The world doesn't need me anymore. I could finally die.

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  1. cfjaibfhjklabfjkls says:

    I FARKING KNEW IT also damn I’m hungry nucka I want sum cheetos n some meat dip fukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Unmaker says:

    The follow-up is pretty damn obvious based on the chapter cover. Is this the last strip? Good story, what’s your next?

  3. Ro'Wan says:

    There had better be a plot twist in here somewhere……….
    It doesn’t seem right that Jacob just self terminates after all that he’s been through, all that he’s SURVIVED

    • Paddy says:

      My bet’s on a plan to fake his death and assume a new identity.

      • Ro'Wan says:

        That makes sense, i think he just gonna chuck the watch, KNOWING there’s a camera inside, to make Roger think he self-terminated, then maybe go into one of the chambers himself and come out as something COMPLETELY different…….

      • Foxhack says:

        @ Ro’Wan: Considering all the non-gene based augmentations he had done, I don’t think it would be a good idea. Some of his organs are outright -gone-.

  4. Moxie Man says:

    So, disrespectful, littering like that! 🙂

  5. PkK says:

    He says “could”, not “can”.


    P.S.: Why does the “Chapter 20” link below the strip take me to a list of pages of Chapter 19?

  6. Dorcus says:

    I was pondering earlier what I would suggest if I was trying to take Jacob somewhere to distract him. My first thought was fishing, followed by the thought that that involves killing (or torturing).

    My second thought was that most “mellow” activities either don’t interest him because they don’t involve killing, or actively DISinterest him because they do. And that seems a perfect example of why he’d like to die. Tired of “being his job” and unable to not be his job.

  7. Ming the Merciless says:

    After losing your Aphasia and my mind…looked to try find this story again, but the story is over!

  8. SquirrelWizard says:

    The really hard thing to explain away of a faked suicide would be the lack of a body.

    If there are cameras in the watch then there is likely a GPS. When the GPS goes dark, you just have to trace it to its last known location (Jacob is the kind of person you’d keep tabs on).

    Assuming the watch transmits its video prior to destruction, then that means people know to look at the base of the canyon for Jacob’s mangled meatsack. Given the advancement of genetic technology, and the fact that Genocide Men upgrades are probably very obvious, it would be hard to fake a corpse to take Jacob’s place.