We have a flag and a cat and we know how to use them. We are digging a hole to the moon. — Jeffrey Rowland, WIGU.com

Questions, Answers and Disclaimers

  • What is this site?

It’s the home site of the webcomic Genocide Man.   If things go well it might host other projects of mine.

  • What kind of webcomic is it?

Genocide Man is going to be a humorous, sci-fi comic based on the exploits of Jacob Doe, a man whose job is to kill people in mass quantities.

  • You’re not seriously trying to make genocide funny, are you?

Yeah.  We laugh at things to remove their power to terrify.  Or, as Jacob might say, you gotta laugh or you’re going to cry.  That said, it isn’t going to be a laugh-a-week.  Especially in the beginning setup, there are going to be somber periods.

  • Is it ever going to have color?

Sorry, no.  I’m colorblind — color is difficult for me to work in.  I want to practice my black and white linework, although I will do some grayscale shading.

  • What else can we expect in this comic?

There will be politics (although far-future politics, there may be reflections on the present day).

There will be obscenity, although I tend to use it rarely.

There will be furries — aka, anthropomorphic animals.  Not for a while, but eventually.  You have been warned.

There will be drama and angst.  Hard to avoid that, considering the subject matter.  I’m not going to promise that every comic will have a funny punchline, although I’m going to try.

  • What’s your update schedule?

At least M-W-F, although I may try 5 per week, M-F, and see how it goes.

Once per week, updating on Mondays.  I wanted to be more frequent with a newspaper strip format, but I’ve decided that I really want to work in the full-page graphic novel format, and I can’t handle more than one of those per week.

I’m going to be less strict about the schedule than I was with my last comic — my health suffered last time, and I’ve decided that it’s more important to take things slow.

Any other questions?  Feel free to ask in comments on the site, or on my livejournal, or mail me at remus@panix.com.