You’re voices in my head and so help me god I’ll keep using the drugs til I kill the cells you’re hiding behind. — MacReedy,

To Do List

I expect that there will always be things to improve here, so I may as well start keeping a list now.

Genocide Man To Do List:

  • Figure out the format you want to do the damn comic in, Remus. (Done.)
  • Make the site friendly to iPod viewers.  (May not be possible.) (It’s readable and doesn’t look half bad, and with the iPad it isn’t too large either.)
  • Add character entries.  (As they appear in the comic.  Jacob first.)
  • Create links to my friends’ comics. (Front page or on a page by themselves?)
  • Open the site!
  • Put Project Wonderful ads on the site.  (Can’t apply to PW until 30 comics are finished.)
  • Add timeline (with 11/22/10 update)

I’ll add and delete items as they are finished or found.  And I’m opening this page to comments in case anyone has any advice or requests.  Just a glimpse into my procrastinating mind, that’s all.