Get me something to kill. — General LonGears, alt.devilbunnies


Jacob Doe
Name: Jacob ‘Doe’

Profession: Genocide Man

Age: 98 years

Threat Level: Existential

This individual poses an existential threat to the human race.  He is no longer authorized or sanctioned by the Global Union of States.




Jacob Doe is a Genocide Man, and one of the five founding members of the Genocide Project.  He claims to have trouble remembering his past, but it is known that he was a soldier in the U.N. forces at the start of the Genocide Wars (2037).

Like all Genocide Men, Jacob has augmentations based on life extension technology.  His skeleton is infused with nanotube ceramics that make his bones unbreakable.  His endocrine system has been largely replaced with artificial glands that provide him with short-term combat stimulants and metabolic protection from most toxins.  He has undergone telomere replacement therapy to partially alleviate the degradations of age.  Jacob claims that Genocide Men are not genetically altered, but this has been questioned.

Jacob Doe is extremely dangerous, with a lifetime of experience in combat weaponry and special team tactics.  If encountered, immediately report his location to the Genocide Project and then evacuate the region.  Attempts to apprehend him should only be made with a full chem/bio hardened strike team.


GiriiName:  Girii  (no last name)

Profession:  Bartender

Age:  19

Threat Level:  Moderate

This individual is a non-combat class genetic deviant, with enhanced ability to read and relay body language and emotional states.  This empathy allows her to manipulate others and in some cases to effectively guess an individual’s intentions.  She has also demonstrated impressive strength, but a lack of genetic markers indicate her musculature may be from a childhood filled with rigorous labor.


Girii is a young girl from a tribe of deviants seeded in an inuit village in the Nunavut Territories of North America.  Her ability to read and manipulate emotions makes her a natural con artist, a talent that she tends to use subconsciously and without malice.  She has grown attached to Jacob Doe and is likely manipulating him into protecting her.

As with all genetic deviants, Girii should be killed on sight.


Roger EversName:  Roger Evers

Profession:  Blogger; field reporter for Undernet World News

Age:  26

Threat Level:  Minimal

This individual possesses no combat skills and is not known to carry any weaponry.  He has numerous Misfitronic devices; body piercings that are wirelessly linked to provide a video capture system and Undernet server.  It should be assumed that he is recording his surroundings at all times.


Roger Evers is a journalist for the Undernet World News, a semi-legal organization that is allowed to exist only as fringe news for the small minority that has access to the Undernet.  Evers is talented at getting himself into and out of dangerous situations, but is often derided for running well before the news event he was supposed to witness. His innate cowardice has also given him a reputation for being untrustworthy and conniving.

Roger Evers’ capture could provide useful information into Undernet hierarchy, but if he resists capture he may be treated as an acceptable civilian loss.  Do not underestimate his ability to evade dangerous situations.