Europe in its madness has now begun something beyond belief; in a time like that, one sees what a wretched animal species we belong to. I am quietly, sleepily pursuing my peaceful ruminations and feel only a mixture of pity and disgust. — Albert Einstein

Chapter 12, Page 24
October 23rd, 2014

Chapter 12, Page 24

I gotta say, Michael’s early drawings of Dahnai were a bit too warrior-like, but I think somewhere along the line he found the character’s grace.  I love this page.

I love the next page also, and I think you will too…  :)

↓ Transcript
Dahnai: Good, they got away. Hope some of the townsfolk do as well. Hope they saw me. Don't turn back... Hope, hope, hope. I wonder if that's genetic. Like a dog staring at an empty bowl... Whoops. Hope I time this right. Cutting it too close...

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