Nature should be allowed to go about its business of killing off the weak, sickly and ignorant people without interference by airbags and batting helmets. — George Carlin

Chapter 18, Page 20
May 2nd, 2016

Chapter 18, Page 20

Everyone remembers that Sally and Enrique were down there with Kentaro, right?  Of course, last we saw Enrique he was in the chrysalis pod.  Seems like an improvement or two…

↓ Transcript
Kentaro: Just remember that the helping comes first, then the killing, then the insanity. You're just about there. And hey, please be nice to them.
Jacob: Who?
Enrique: Here he is.
Sally: (sigh)
Enrique: Last chance, pal. Go away.
Jacob: Do I know you?
Enrique: Enrique, remember? Pig-faced guy? Kentaro fixed me up, made me human again. Maybe a little bit more.

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