Regret, by definition, comes too late. — John M. Ford

Chapter 11, Page 21
July 24th, 2014

Chapter 11, Page 21

Ah, this is one of those occasions where I wish I could give more than one page at a time so you can read how Fumiaki is going to finish that thought.  Maybe you can guess.  Meanwhile enjoy Michael’s glorious depiction of a deranged mind.

↓ Transcript
Fumiaki: The human race. It's a paradox. The most adaptable species ever. So resilient, they crave suffering to test their ability. Catastrophe makes them stronger. The invention of warfare brought metallurgy. The crusades proliferated mathematics. The cold war spawned the internet. The plague wars created the Guayaquil upgrade. Paradox. Paradox. There's only one way to help them...and it's a paradox. If you have gifts to give them...if you want to see them thrive...if you truly, deeply, love human beings...

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