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Chapter 15, Page 12
June 29th, 2015

Chapter 15, Page 12

I’m not sure what people consider ‘gory’.  I mean, when Fumiaki attacked Britain we had pages full of dead bodies laying in the street.  But somehow, I think that forked eyeball may be the goriest thing in the comic so far.  I like it, and I love how Kasey rendered it.  :)

↓ Transcript
Zoey: Huh. You were right.
Roger: Hey, Jacob. We snagged your railgun.
Jacob: Thanks. Wasn't going to get more mileage out of the cutlery. Where's the plane?
Roger: No plane. Our disruption will only last a minute or two. We wouldn't have time to take off. We're driving outta here.
Zoey: Vroom, vroom!
Jacob: Wait a minute...

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