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Chapter 13, Page 11
December 18th, 2014

Chapter 13, Page 11

All right, this (way too wordy) page should serve as a good cliffhanger.  Jacob wanted to see Fumiaki’s other labs…I guess he thinks that walking into a trap full of supersoldiers is worth it.

Just to remind you, there will be no comics next week or the week after.  Genocide Man will return on Monday, January 5th.  We’ll be flashing briefly back to London with the next page, as the story threads are starting to converge.  You’ll see.  Happy holidays, everyone!

↓ Transcript
Jacob: Hold on. This is an automated Mahindra-Tata private jet...but all the markings have been sanded off.
Zoey: Boy howdy, Roger. He's sharp.
Jacob: Tell me that we aren't flying to India.
Zoey: Um...I'll be honest, Mr. Doe. I'm really scared. I've been ordered to say anything that will get you on this plane.
Jacob: So it is a trap?
Zoey: Yep. I tried to warn you. I know you were dodging plane crashes in Dakar. But they're not going to blow the plane up. I promise. They're set up to capture you when we land.
Jacob: How?
Zoey: India has an army of supersoldiers, using Fumiaki's tech.
Jacob: Think I'd like to see that. Besides, I'm not getting back in that whale.

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