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Chapter 17, Page 6
November 26th, 2015

Chapter 17, Page 6

We already know that Jacob is headed toward London…but he’s getting a little more motivation here.  Jacob used to kill genetic deviants, but he was conflicted about it.  He was never conflicted about A.I.s — they’ve always been kill-on-sight, for good reasons.

↓ Transcript
Roger: The drones are pushing back the remnants of the British army. France and Germany have pledged to help, but the drones are preventing any travel to Britain.
Zoey: Except us. We've been invited to the party.
Jacob: How is Girii doing all of this?
Zoey: Oh, it's Kentaro. He's an A.I.
Roger: Yeah. He, um, denies it...but nothing else can move data like that.
Jacob: Damn it. I should have known. I should have followed my usual rules and killed all of Fumiaki's relatives, too.

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