When action grows unprofitable, gather information. When information grows unprofitable, sleep. — Ursula Le Guin

Chapter 14, Page 15
April 16th, 2015

Chapter 14, Page 15

And that’s all the time we need to spend with Girii and her crew right now. You’ll have to wait until next chapter to learn more about Kentaro’s plan.

On Monday we’ll get back to Jacob, and see how he’s doing.  I’m sure he’s making new friends among the Brahmin, they seem like such amicable fellows.

↓ Transcript
Girii: Enrique, find whatever you can to barricade the service tunnel. Block us off. Sally, get Kentaro plugged in.
Sally: You really think this will work, Girii?
Girii: It's Kentaro's plan. We just have to trust that he's smart enough to see us through it.
Sally: Great. Trust the crazy jar brain.
Kentaro: I know, I may not be that intelligent yet...but I'm making myself a little smarter every second. Just you wait. I won't let you down.

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