Because our troops might kill your civilians, in several million individual unrelated failures of discipline, maybe it would be a good idea for you to give us what we want. — Geoffrey Brent, alt.devilbunnies

Chapter 18, Page 27
May 26th, 2016

Chapter 18, Page 27

All right, it’s the end of a chapter and I have a few announcements.

First, I need my customary day off between chapters, so the next comic page will upload next Thursday, June 2nd.

To overshadow that I should mention that I’ve plotted out the end of the story, and I’ve shortened it from my original intentions due to life events.  (The original plan was for Burning Day to kick off The Morphology War, which was the title of the third volume.  I’ve found a way to skip over most of that war and still end things the way I want them.)  The Genocide Man comic will end with chapter 20.  Kasey is already drawing pages from that chapter and he’s stepping up to another level for them, which is great.

So thank you all for reading this far!  Hold on and ride with me for a little longer — about a year — and we’ll see the ultimate conclusion for Jacob and the gang!

↓ Transcript
Roger voice over: April twenty-eighth, 2110. Thirty-two capitol cities bombed. Twenty heads of state assassinated. We called it Burning Day.

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