Chinese-German food is great. The only problem is, an hour later you’re hungry for power. — Steven Wright

Chapter 20, Page 24
November 17th, 2016

Chapter 20, Page 24

C’mon, folks.  Jacob is a soldier with PTSD, and I could not in good conscience give him a bad end.  The old boy still has a lot of living to do!

And that’s a wrap.  Come join me at the wrap parties!  Since my Livejournal account is defunct these days, I’m having two wrap parties.  One is on reddit, where I’ve gotten permission from the mods of /r/comics to have a thread to chat with readers, fans, and curious onlookers.  And I’ve also made a wrap party post on Facebook, for those who like more intimate conversations (or conversations where you can embed pictures and video).  Come and ask me anything, or chat among yourselves, or just speculate about how screwed we all are when my predictions about the future come true!

If you don’t come to visit a wrap party, let me repeat the most important parts of it here:  I want to thank you all, more than I can emphasize in text, for your readership.  Interaction with fans is why I came back to the comic biz after Indefensible Positions, and here I got more than I ever expected.  Thank you for reading, and I hope you all had fun.


↓ Transcript
Jacob: Or, you know...I could just live, too.

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