Don’t go around fooling yourselves ladies and gentlemen, we’re a virus with shoes. — Bill Hicks

Chapter 10, Page 16
April 17th, 2014

Chapter 10, Page 16

Nice looking place, if you don’t mind the warthog mutants. ¬†Girii, at least, seems to be fine with them…

↓ Transcript
Msaka: Those who look human enough stay in this cottage. The volcano takes up most of the island. There's a small village to the south.
Jacob: Msaka, are you leading his army?
Msaka: There is no army, no leader. There isn't any training or organization at all. Frankly, I don't konw why he sent for me. I don't think Fumiaki has a plan.
Enrique: Some of us train. We have a fighting pit. Wanna show up tonight? I'd love to spar with a Genocide Man.
Jacob: I don't spar.
Enrique: You're chicken?
Jacob: Chickens are flighty, eagles are practical.
Enrique: Arm wrestling, then?
Jacob: I concede, pal. I'm strong, but I can see how enhanced you are.
Girii: Um...can I try?

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