Support your local medical examiner: die strangely. — Niles Stonne,

Chapter 13, Page 19
January 29th, 2015

Chapter 13, Page 19

Not very long ago, Jacob was suicidal.  He’s past that, but offer him a chance to sacrifice himself to bring down the Genocide Project and he’s on board.  Abhik isn’t going to make it that easy, however…

↓ Transcript
Abhik: Our goals are not the same as Fumiaki's. It is not our intention that anyone die from his plague. We wish to use it, along with your destroy the criminal Genocide Project.
Jacob: You know, that's good enough for me. I agree with you about the project. If making me a scapegoat helps bring them down, I'm for it. Take me in. I surrender.
Abhik: Actually...I was hoping this would be a training opportunity. Brahmin, please subdue Mr. Doe.
Jacob: Really? Aw, come on...

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