I phone the SPCA daily to report the minions of a squirrel army amassing to plot the downfall of all humanity. All I ever get is a wise-acre response ‘Call us when the mechanized division shows up!’ — VinegarJones, Fark.com

Chapter 12, Page 9
September 1st, 2014

Chapter 12, Page 9

All right, Jacob is bringing this little event to a conclusion with a quick escape. ¬†Gonna linger in Britain for one more page. ¬†Gotta see Lola’s reaction.

↓ Transcript
Jacob: Stay underwater. I'm coming to you.
Aide: ...he was last seen swimming in East Wear Bay.
Lola: Tell the R.A.F. to kill every whale in British waters. I want a list of casualties. I want interviews with their families, their neighbors, their pets. Full media coverage. Victims of the plague are second page. Jacob Doe's victims are the headline.

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